Grid system in bootstrap

I found out that bootstrap documentation state how the grid works which is add up to total 12.
Example will be like if i want to create 3 same width, i can use col-md-4 three times then it should be occupy entire space right?
But i wondering if i want to create lets say 5 same width, how do i suppose to do that ?
I trying col-md-2.4 but it doenst support float number in that situation…
Any help will be appreciate!!

Hi, i did try use offset-1 for the first one but in the end, the first one will take like 4 instead of 2 right? Because
col-md-2 col-md-offset-1 (2) is actually take 4 in total ?

Hi, thanks you so much!! You clear my doubt about how the grid works, i will also take a look about flexbox which i didnt used before since it is css3. Again, thank you!!:smile: