Gurus, please help out:Storing Values with the Assignment Operator

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// Setup
var a;
var b;
// Only change code below this line
var a;
a = 7
var b;
b = 7;
var a = b;

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The variable a and b are already definited in the part of the code you shouldn’t modify.
Also the challenge is asking you this:

Assign the value 7 to variable a .
Assign the contents of a to variable b .

You shouldn’t reassign anything to b except for the value of a (pay attention on who is getting a new value).

Also, on the left of the = sign (assignment operator) you have the variable that receives the new value.
On the right of the = sign you have something (a variable in this case, but it could also be an expression) that gets translated into a value to be passed on whatever there is on the left of the =.