Guys help me with My weather app!

Hello everyone i made my weather app. It was working two months ago. But when i saw it now, it is not working. please can u help me finding the error, as it can not detect the location and the weather automatically. Here is the link

I haven’t gotten to the weather app section. but i took a look at the developers console. you seem to be having issues with your Ajax request.

XMLHttpRequest cannot load

You might want to check the button to ensure its properly wired but most importantly ensure the api you are using hasn’t been changed.

I believe is down.

I just checked my Weather App which I made a month ago using and my app doesn’t work either :scream_cat:

Mine works:

I have my app on Codepen and on Github, on Codepen it doesn’t work, but on Github it does :sunglasses:

You can use the following API for CORS, they provide secure https link:

My weather app is working :slight_smile::

i checked ur code it’s working but the source is not working with my app