Weather App - Please let me know if its working!

Hello fellow Campers!

Would you all please do me a huge favor and test out my weather app. I am getting an error but it worked for a friend of mine on her phone. I think maybe it is a CORS issue? It always works locally but after deploying I get error codes from 400 to 504. If it is not working reliably though I would like to use some fallback data just to show how it would look.

Thank you all!


Seems to be working for me in San Jose, CA.

Works for me too and it looks really nice.

Here is how it looks on my laptop. The weather icon is hitting on the text at the top.

Thank you all! I’m not sure why it is working for everyone else but me. It’s really strange.

@X140hu4 Thank you for the screenshot. I guess I haven’t seen it display that icon yet. I’ll add some additional margin. :slight_smile:

I’ve cleared my browser history, doubled checked that location services are enabled, turned off my add blocker and still no luck. What is strange is that if I use Safari or an incognito window in chrome it works but I can’t get it to work in chrome on my laptop or my phone. If anyone has any insight or suggestions I would love to hear them.

Working for me in the UK however it didn’t show location (not sure if it’s supposed to), so I didn’t know how accurate it is. Units didn’t change either when clicking to change to to C instead of F and took a very long time to load however that could be my mobile network. Looks nice though.