Weather App - Feedback Please!

Hi everyone,

I have just finished the second version of my weather app and I was hoping to get some feedback. My first version worked just fine, but it implemented the icons from the example project, and I didn’t want to just copy/paste those, so I rewrote the project using the API icons.

Also, the IP location service I was using was not as accurate as I thought, so I used a different service.

My Weather App

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Doesn’t work. can’t detect my city:

  "ip": "", // edited out
  "hostname": "No Hostname",
  "city": "",
  "region": "",
  "country": "LV",
  "loc": "57.0000,25.0000",
  "org": "AS12578 SIA Lattelekom"

Thank you for the feedback. I guess the IP API that I used wasn’t as good as I thought. I’ve made some changes to the code. If you have time, could you try again and let me know how it goes for you?

It works well for me in VA, USA.