Weather App Feedback!

Greetings, campers! I have finished the weather app and I would greatly appreciate some feedback. I had a mountain of trouble trying to get the geolocate function to work with the api I used, since it basically went haywire when I tried to make a request through https. So instead I have given the option for users to search for their location, as well as view their 10 day forecast. The latter portion might not work as intended for a day or so since I have made too many api calls. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Happy coding.

Here’s the link!

Oh!! I forgot to mention, that it does support international cities as well. To get the 10 day forecast you just have add the two letter country code after the city name.

By the way, I’ve just added the option to go back to the current forecast, that way you don’t have to refresh every time you want to go back.