Harvey Milk - my tribute page

Hello everyone!

Here is my tribute page : http://codepen.io/sebbe88/pen/dXBdkj
It is highly INresponsive and NOT mobile first for now, but I hope you’ll like it anyway :slight_smile:. I didn’t use any libraries on purpose, so I could practice and uderstand CSS more.
Feel free to comment and give feedback on code and design. Thank you!

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This is fantastic. (aside from the non-responsive thingy). The only thing that looks a bit weird (for me) is the white line on the left side. I love the thrown pictures. Good job! :slight_smile: :+1:

I found the timeline little boring, that’s why I put the line. Any sugestions what else could be done?

Hmm, yes, I see what you mean. Maybe… list points replaced with something else. Little rainbow coloured circles or flags, or something like that. Although that can be a bit too much :slight_smile:
Or maybe, can you see the little + in the circles on the middle line here, if you click on the picture?
Something like that maybe. One color, or more, maybe simply black. Sorry, I can’t offer anything specific. Maybe they wouldn’t look well at all, and is more tasteful without those.
But I think even without anything, it’s far from boring. A lot of things are happening in the header and on the right side, so it balances out well.
I like it even if you don’t change a thing. :slight_smile:

Now it’s responsive :slight_smile: http://codepen.io/sebbe88/full/dXBdkj/