Has anyone received their FCC Backpack?

I ordered my FCC Backpack in early January and I have not received it yet. I live on the east coast of the United States. Has anyone received theirs yet?

In my experience, the shipping time with these varies pretty dramatically. Some people are still getting the Top Contributor ones that shipped in December.

If it has shipped already, you should have gotten an email from Miya Liu with tracking information. If not, it’s still in the manufacturing process.

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I believe the bags are shipped from China so maybe the outbreak might also have had an effect on production/shipping? I don’t actually know if this is the case, but I just wanted to point it out.

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I agree with @ArielLeslie, you should have received an email with the tracking info. Use it to see where your backpack is. I had to send a followup to Miya because it looked like mine had been stuck in China for almost a month but after her help I received it within a few days.

Great idea, how do I get in contact with her? I could not find her email anywhere. @Roma

if you have received a mail saying “backup is on its way” you should have it

What backpacks? I didn’t know FCC had them.


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I don’t have it unfortunately :frowning: I never got a confirmation email when I purchased it either, but the payment went through.

Thank you. :slight_smile: :smile:

it is probable that it has not been shipped yet - but if you want to ask the email is simply miya@freecodecamp.org

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How about now? Has anyone received theirs now? I got an email from Miya in mid-April that it was shipped. Tracking indicates it was about to leave China on April 10th. Today is May 26 and nothing has changed - it’s like it disappeared when leaving China.
Oh, and I live in Ireland. But Irish An Post doesn’t know anything about a package with this tracking number.

Nice! When I have money I totally want one of those. But unfortunately I have no money right now. :anguished: i never even had a job. But someday…!