freeCodeCamp Backpacks 2020

Hello everyone!

Recently I saw a post on Facebook that FCC backpacks are available. While the presentation video was very useful I’m missing technical details. I like to travel light with only my backpack so I would like to know exact dimensions and capacity of the backpack. Does anyone knows how to reach out to Quincy Larson regarding this matter?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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@QuincyLarson Would be the best option :crossed_fingers:

I would also like to know for laptop size. I’d assume it’s save for 15" but can’t confirm for sure.

It’s been long since I was using this forum. Had no idea that I can mention him directly. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for replying! Your question is important as well. Let’s hope we get the answers soon so I can order already. :smile:

It depends on what sort of things you’ll be carrying. The backpacks are very good for carrying small or more or less flat things. The laptop sleeves are very well padded and have a strap to keep electronics from sliding around. There are a decent variety of pocket sizes. The middle section unzips enough to let it open completely flat and the elastic braces make it great for carrying something like a change of clothes. The form factor keeps weight close to your back, so it doesn’t feel as heavy.

What it’s not great for is bulky items like shoes, a large Nalgene, or Tupperware. I have found it great for carrying around laptops and books in addition to standard purse stuff. I found it not-great for things like a day-pack at a convention or carry-on for a long trip. For those things I use a one-big-sack style backpack.

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Hi @ArielLeslie,

Thanks for sharing your opinion about the backpack. I get the idea of what type of the backpack it is. I have a similar Dell backpack for laptop. It’s missing a lot of the features that FCC backpack has. I imagine that it’s not suitable for carrying bulky items.

If I knew the dimensions I would be able to compare it to my current backpack more precisely. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try to figure out some logical way to measure this thing and maybe take some pictures of it loaded up for you.

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@ArielLeslie that would be great! Thanks in advance! :blush:

All numbers are approximate.

12.5" wide
15.5" tall
Laptop compartment: 1.5" deep
Main compartment: 3.25" deep
Large pocket: 1.25" ish, but not a stick-out square
Small pocket: 10" x 11" x a couple inches of bulge.

Stuffed with laundry vs. Empty:


Wow - thanks for this comprehensive post. Also, how’s Gloomhaven? It seemed a bit to time intensive for me but at some point I’d like to give it a try :slight_smile:

Gloomhaven is decent. You need the right group for it and there is a lot of set-up time. It’s halfway between a board game and D&D, and I play both of those things a lot, so Gloomhaven doesn’t get much attention these days.

Out of curiosity, why do you have two?

I’m just really really into freeCodeCamp.

Nah. This summer I donated $200 and got one and then in December I was given a Top Contributor one.
(One has my laptop, keyboard, programming reference text. The other has notebooks, TTRPG guides, and dice. Ok, they both have a lot of dice.)


I just now noticed the printing is different on the two packs.

Okay, so I ordered the backpack. Wish I could donate $200 but that’s still little bit too much money for me right now. Small contribution but I’m proud of it. :slightly_smiling_face: @QuincyLarson there’s a small typo in the confirmation email title. It says “Limited Edition 2019”, while it should be “Limited Edition 2020”. :smile: Keep up the good work guys!


Thanks for supporting freeCodeCamp. I hope you enjoy your backpack!

Thanks for confirming this. I will update this :slight_smile:

I just got my Top Contributor backpack about an hour ago. Still checking it out but liking everything I see.
Thanks @QuincyLarson!

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Eagerly awaiting mine. Glad to hear some are now being delivered :smiley_cat:

Awesome. I hope it is a useful tool for many projects to come :slight_smile:

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Many many thanks for confirming this.