Buying FreeCodeCamp's products

I while back FreeCodeCamp was selling products. I can’t find any link anywhere? Have they stop selling products?

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Looks like the shop’s still alive:
@QuincyLarson can you clarify?

WHAT !! no coffee mugs ??? :frowning:

The shop is still live and everything there is sold at-cost. We removed it from the navbar because we only had so much space, didn’t want to complicate the UI with dropdown menus, and had higher priorities, like the page.

@RockLobster7 If you want to help design a freeCodeCamp coffee mug (it would need to be on a white background due to TeeSpring’s limitations), and it’s a high quality mug, let us know. We could sell it at-cost as well.


No problem. Just glad to see the onesies are there and now in more colours <3. My little one will soon grow out from her 1 year old one.

@QuincyLarson Any reason why at cost price? Would have thought a little would go at your end.

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Hi @QuincyLarson, I think I might take you up on that :slight_smile:


My understanding is that the strength of the US Dollar in some campers’ countries made the merch prohibitively expensive * and @QuincyLarson is trying to make everything as accessible as possible. FCC can now be supported by direct donations instead of buying stickers and hoodies.

*(That’s also why I did this.)

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Oh never thought of it that way and btw a nice thing you did there sending the stickers :slight_smile:

Hi @QuincyLarson,

sorry if i’ve misunderstood, but only seems to deal with apparel. Where do i find the requirements for a mug design?

Also, i was thinking the mug need only have the FCC logo on it. Nothing fancy.


I just looked at the TeeSpring website, and see they also have stickers, pillows, mugs and tote bags… Not easy to find, but if you click on “Start Designing” the options for all the available products comes up.

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thanks @cndragn, i’ll sign up and take a look.


No prob! You dont have to sign up to see it btw, just click on the Start Designing button on the front page.