All freeCodeCamp t-shirts and hoodies are now sold at-cost

If you’ve wanted to buy a freeCodeCamp t-shirt or hoodie, but haven’t because of the prices, I have good news.

Starting today, all freeCodeCamp t-shirts and hoodies are now sold at-cost (with zero profit margin). We’re doing this so you get some cool threads and represent our open source community as inexpensively as possible.

Instead of trying to support our community through selling merchandise, we’ve decided it’s simpler for people to donate to our nonprofit directly. Even a $3 monthly donation will make a huge difference in helping us pay for our servers and other costs.

This way, freeCodeCamp gear can be as inexpensive as possible.

We’ve updated our shop.

Also, we brought back our Future Coder baby onesies!

Our plan is to find local t-shirt printing websites around the world who can list, print, warehouse, and ship t-shirts for us at-cost. For example, we would love to be able to sell t-shirts in India for a few hundred rupees, or t-shirts in China for a few RMB - without expensive international shipping costs. Basically, we want these items to be as inexpensive as possible (while maintaining reasonable quality and dealing with reputable companies). So if you have any suggestions, reply to this thread and we can look into them.

Note that even though we’re selling these at-cost, we still need to make these arrangements ourselves for trademark reasons. Please do not print and sell your own freeCodeCamp t-shirts - instead reach out to me and we’ll help you.

If you have any t-shirt ideas, or want t-shirts for your local study group, come up with a design, license it as Creative Commons, and open a pull request to our design assets repository. We can help you get these printed and distributed as inexpensively as possible in your city.

Happy coding everyone!


Awesome news Quincy - I’ll ask a designer friend of mine if she’s interested in designing for us here in South Africa. Will keep you posted; )



You’ve got mail.

Will await your response there. J


Sounds great to hear about the tie ups with the country based T-shirt printing websites. Since I am from India. my suggestions for the printing websites which serves great quality at a reasonable price are:

  1. Alma Mater
  2. MakeMyMerch

:thumbsup: Hope this helps!


Hello, I also searching local t-shirt printing websites around the world who can list, print, warehouse, and ship t-shirts for us at-cost. Searching all this i got This site is good platform to create new Tshirt designs easily with help of their dedicated team. Also can print same design as per requirement. I found Intresting _work on this site.

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Can we bring the Halloween shirt back?

You can get the Halloween shirt here (we sell these at-cost, so they’re pretty inexpensive):

I really want to buy a freeCodeCamp t-shirt, but unfortunately you can’t get them in India. :frowning_face:

Hood and upper wear should always be comfortable. Best thing about mesh leggings is their best quality fabric. Even the rates are reasonable. Came to know about the store and explored the site fully. Loved the stylish designs and sizing descriptions available with all the products. Will order them as soon as possible to get timely delivery.


I know a website which can provide freeCodeCamp t-shirts, hoodies, caps, masks at a very affordable price.
Here’s the link REDACTED