Laptop recommendations?

Hello fellow campers. I am new here. I have chosen to study on FCC because my dream is to become a Full Stack Web Developer. And I believe FCC is the best place to start. :slight_smile:

I am looking into buying a new budget laptop. The only purpose for this laptop will be to study on FCC and complete the challenges. My current budget at the moment allows me to spend $200-400.( If possible below the $300 mark.) My only preference is that it is a new and never been used.

What would be your recommendations for a laptop that I’ll be using strictly for FCC?
Could I possibly use a chromebook? Or is that a no go?

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Update! (Black Friday sales)
I have bought a new laptop about 600 usd!! Its an HP hybrid laptop with an 128 ssd and a 1tb hdd, 8gb ram, and an core i5!! I intially wanted to buy a brand new Lenovo thinkpad, and it was out of my price range for now. I’m really grateful to have a new laptop! I also really like HP, as the are really great quality.
Thank you all for the advice.

I would suggest starting with Windows laptop.

I don’t have a chromebook personally, but I would assume that for the challenges and curriculum it would work great.

BUT; the curriculum is just a starting point! and once you complete it you’ll want to move on to personal projects. And that would require installing software that I don’t think a Chromebook would support.

Once you start making your own projects you’ll want to be able to have a code editor and browser open at the same time.

My vote would be for a low price Windows machine.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I would stress getting a laptop that has an SSD hard drive. Made a huge difference in speed for me together with a RAM update. So, if you can spring for it, get an SSD.

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I like Asus laptops. I want to build a new desktop computer because I really don’t feel comfortable to code with the smaller screen on a daily basis, so in my case I will buy a regular laptop and save the money for a really good desktop configuration.
Please avoid Chromebook if possible. There are some limitations on the operational system for more specific activities.

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Agree! I got a great deal on a lovely computer … that honestly did improve my Saturday morning housekeeping because I’d switch things and … go put 3 things away while the computer figured out what to do. When I could graduate to SSD, no delays. (Also ASUS/ACER fan here).


I can recommend getting a monitor and hooking it up to your laptop via HDMI. This is how I work. I have the website on one screen and code on another. Works like a charm and is cheaper than a whole desktop setup.