Need Some Help/Wisdom!

Hi guys i rly need some help.

I want to buy a new laptop that is cheap and that i can use to practice codding again Practice and Learning (for learning to code and maybe to do more complex things in php /javascript /html /css/java - mainly these programing languages (around 200-250 $ more precisely asus x206HA ( - what i like about this one is that its verry light = less than 1 kg ( 2 pounds) and its small and portable with high battery life around 9 hours)

or the second option hp 250 G5 ( a normal size laptop but the plus is that it has 8gb Ram and 256 SSD … what i dont like is that its normal sized 2 kg ( 5 pounds) and i dont know what o say about the battery)

Which should i buy???

Keep in mind i am leaning to code nothing toooo complex … maybe il do some simple app and or a web page

It’s a tough decision IMO.

The Asus is great for traveling. Personally I have a Samsung netbook of roughly the same size and I love it because it fits in a normal briefcase. No need for an extra notebook bag.

OTOH, if you only have one computer, working on a small device all the time can be fatiguing. A compromise might be to buy the Asus plus a mouse, an external keyboard, and a monitor.

I have another strong laptop Asus F550j (i7-4710HQ 2.5 Ghz 12gb Ram 220 SSD 15.6" around 3 kg (5 pounds)) it a little bit to carry around thats why i want a small Laptop… to be able to take it with me at school and to learn to code Mostly and to practice my code !
Another problem I heard is that i need a “Strong” laptop for coding … and i dont know if that is true (for these languages HTML/CSS/Javascript/Java etc)
I can use the other laptop if i want Strenght for more demanding tasks and more complex Coding !
I just want a laptop that is portable and also not super slow to be able to work on it.
So again from the options i have (Asus/hp) which sould i get keepig in mind i hava the other Strong laptop …

Other Option Besides the Asus x206HA and the hp 250 G5 would be:

Lenovo 11.6’’ IdeaPad 110S : 64Gb eMMC 4Gb-Ram Close to this :

So now finaly again Which should u say i should get ? (Portability And to be able to actualy code on it)

I would always go asus over hp. You dont need really strong laptop for coding in js. I would go for second asus if you have money. Problem with the first one is 11 inches. I have 14 inches laptop but i bought second monitor because i really love to have more work doubled my productivity. So to sum it up. If you have money buy 2nd asus,and good backpack so you can carry it. If ypu dont have money, take first one and when you have more money take 2nd monitor…

Edit: i see you have strong asus. Then take compact asus and enjoy xD

Yes i Own The Strong Asus F550J that is true! Soo you say i should get the Asus x206HA over the Hp and Lenovo IdeaPad?

Go for Asus in my opinion. I had an HP before and it had horrible overheating problems, I’m sitting here with my fanless Asus Zenbook and feel pretty happy about it not burning me ;).

I can’t speak to specific laptop PC models, as that can be a subjective decision, but in this day & age, the minimum amount of RAM you should get is 4GB no matter what. 2GB was barely enough for Windows 7, and I’m surprised that a laptop manufacturer would ship a Windows 8.1 laptop with only 2GB of RAM.

There are tons of laptop PC models in the market and you certainly don’t need to limit yourself to either Asus or HP when there are plenty of other models by other manufacturers like Lenovo, Acer, Dell, etc. Heck, I literally googled “best cheap laptop pc” just now and found this link:,2817,2371334,00.asp

And 11" laptops are pretty small as well so unless you really need an _ultra_portable laptop, I’d recommend getting either a 14" or 15" laptop.

If you have a larger one already, I’d definitely recommend buying the small Asus.

Thanks for the feedback!! And now for the final question would the asus be able to run Eclipse or HTML/CSS/Javascript related programs? (being the fact that i want to program on it)
Thanks Again :smiley:

I am using ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 laptop. It is very good for gaming and affordable price around $1000. Its processor is Intel core i-7, RAM is 16 GB and GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. You batter read few review 17 inch gaming laptop to compare with other laptop.
But I think big screen laptop is more comfortable for gaming and battery backup is well.

Quick question on that WIMboot, if Windows is using the Recovery Partition, how can it be that C:\Windows is taking up 18GB out of the 21GB C: drive?
From the beggining the C: drive had only 21GB, which right now if almost entirely taken by Windows itself. Pretty soon the whole 32 will be used up by Windows and Recovery Partition, and right after that there won’t even be room for Windows.
I’m not getting it.

Windows (10) takes up around 20Gb normally. Wimboot makes it smaller, basically, let’s it run on tiny drives, but it’s still going to take up most of what you have there. If you’ve only got 32Gb total, Windows + a few applications will take up most of that regardless of if it uses Wimboot or not - a computer with that little storage space will be good for browsing the net and watching videos and not much else.