Help with new laptop?

Hi guys, I made an account here on fcc about a month ago, did a few of the beginner HTML/CSS challenges on my phone, and am currently looking to buy a laptop and really dig in. I’m on a tight budget though and hoping to find something dirt cheap, what are the minimal specs I can get away with without compromising too much functionality? I found a "14 Lenovo t440 on eBay for under $250, i5 core processor, 1.90 GHz, 8GB/128GB. I’m going to add it to my cart unless someone yells at me.

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That’s fine. You’re mostly going to be working with text editors like Sublime or Atom (pretty light workloads), and maybe an IDE like Webstorm. My high end Mac that I bought 3 years ago has 8 gigs of ram and it’s fine. I’d reccomend ditching Windows and running Linux instead. It’ll be faster and it will help you get comfortable with the terminal.


Deal is good - is it windows 10?

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Thank you so much!! I’ve been watching it for a few days and searching quora/stackexchange to decide if it’s a good deal, should’ve asked on here right away. I’ve seen a lot of people mention ditching windows for Linux too, seems like good advice and I will take it.

Yep, it’s windows 10

Windows 10 is fantastic - Ubuntu is great too but for a laptop I hope you have good Linux skills - I’d keep windows and run an Ubuntu server on virtualbox

Windows 10 is good, but I think running Ubuntu would be beneficial to you. I personally have both dual booted and run Ubuntu 95% of the time now (mostly because I have a memory leak somewhere on Windows slowing it down). If you do decide to throw a Linux OS on it, I would suggest making a backup of Windows 10 first in case you don’t like Linux.

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For your needs, I recommend ViewSonic XG2703-GS and Acer Predator XB271HU, both have IPS panel and support G-SYNC, 2560x1440, 144hz.

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Go For Lenovo 310 Notebook which Is The Best Laptop I Have ever seen In The Budget Price. :grinning:


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I like my cheap little Lenovo laptop. Regarding the Windows 10/Ubuntu discussion, Windows 10 has native bash which is actually pretty nice and lets you get your feet wet with a Linux terminal.

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How about looking at a refurbished laptop if you are on a low budget? Usually sold online.

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You should also swap out the built in hard drive with an inexpensive 250GB SSD for a big performance boost.


I recently got a refurbished Thinkpad t420 with similar specs to what you’re looking at and so far it has worked great. I’d also reccomend Linux, because of the performance boost and the fact that later on when you get to the back end stuff it’ll be really good to already be familiar with the terminal. Linux forces you to learn a lot of really valuable skills and has been a lot more productive for me than any kind of Windows.

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Thank you for everyone’s advice! You guys are awesome. I’m getting the laptop soon and if I need anymore help/suggestions I’ll come back :slight_smile:

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Go For Lenovo 310 Notebook

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