Has anyone used 'Brackets' to code? I have a question, please help

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I recently used this software and I don’t know how to make my javascript code not show warnings in ‘Eslint’ and ‘Jslint’ as below. I do not know what to do. Hope everyone sympathizes with the slightly unrelated question.

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Maybe it’s tripping because you’re logging a log?

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You should see options to disable linting in the View menu. Should be an option called “Lint Files on Save” that you can uncheck to stop it from linting. That will fully disable linting in Brackets. You could also configure and check your lint settings by going to the Debug > Open Preferences File.

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Sorry i don’t use Brackets so cant resolve your query. But i would suggest you to move to VS Code or Sublime Text 3.
As both of them have good support of many languages and you can easily enhance support for language you are working in.
VS Code has inbuilt good support for JS so you wont face any issue in ESLint.
Give it a shot.

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Thanks for the reply, but there is a problem that I’m using window 10 and I tried sublime text 3, but to run that code I need to write it in html file -> view in browser -> f12, console . So I’m looking for a way to write javascript code in a .js file and run it but I haven’t found it yet.

You have added script.js in your html file, so now you should be able to run it.
or Can you please elaborate what you want to do so i can help you here ?

Why don’t you use VS Code? There are extensions that enable you to run the JS code and view the output in VS Code Terminal itself. Brackets is lightweight but it’s also incapable of these stuff. It’s mainly a replacement of notepad for me I use it to edit config files.