Seeking help and recommendation

Hey guys,
Can someone please recommend another application other than Visual Studio. I love Visual Studio and I have been practicing there for a while now but, I am not seeing all of my output results in the Terminal like it is, in the workspace we have here (console). I love abstract learning but, bit of visual sight can help straighten the navigation . I am also practicing in notepad and it’s the same abstract process but, I like it though. A good recommendation will highly be appreciated!

I’ve used Brackets when I’ve started coding, is free.
Do you use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?
Them two are very different.

This is VSCode (highly recommended) not the same as

I had colleagues in the past using Sublime but everyone I am working with nowadays is using Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio is used only by C# / .net guys. (not like they have much of a choice haha)

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If you run your JS code using Node.js it will log to the terminal in the editor. If you use the Quokka.js extension, you get a Node based REPL in the editor. I would very much recommend it, it is great for testing and trying out JS code.

The same people also made the console ninja extension. If you combine it with the Live Preview extension and enable its use in the console ninja settings (it should guide you) you get logging right in the editor. I haven’t really used it much, but it seemed to work quite well when I tested it.

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I have currently Visual Studio Code running on my System. I find it quite easy to use and work with as well. Just that the Terminal is not sending the Output results of console.log() but, I can execute print() and see the results in the Terminal.

I just need something for JavaScript. I want to build a solid block around JavaScript and understand it a little bit.

I will check it out and try it. Thanks for the recommendation