Has freecodecamp changed the curriculum?

Hey guys. I remember coming across FCC a long time ago and seeing that it used to take 2080 hours to complete. Now i added up the time and it says 1800 hours.
Also i remembered they offered a front end, back end, and full stack certificate. Has that changed or is it the same material with the certification names changed?
Sorry but I am about to take my first step in this journey so I dont have the knowledge to recognize what is actually front end, back end, or full stack. I just know the names of the certifications as well as the hours changed.

The certifications have now changed.
There are 6 certifications. To get each one, there are 5 projects that you have to complete. When you finish all 6 certifications, such mean doing 30 projects, you’re eligible for the fill stack certification.
You can get certifications without doing all the lessons in it. You just need to do the projects.

In the future, four python certificates will be added, and there will be some more changes.

However for now, there are 6 certificates.


Is it all the same content or has content been added/removed?

new content, and new content will also soon be added, as this year the curriculum will move to version 7.0

last update on FCC 7.0:

when it was announced:


for the time, it is just an estimate, people can take much more or much less. So I wouldn’t worry too much on the accuracy of that

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