Just starting. When FCC change the curriculum does this mess up my progress?

When FCC modify the curriculum, say I am part way through the course, how does this affect me? Does the curriculum stay the same for me as when I first started and is not affected by the modifications or, at least, the certificates I have already started are not affected? Know what I am getting at here?

the projects will not be touched, and those are the only mandatory part to get the curriculum
for the challenges, you could restart from the topic you were studying, just in the new format

As I was searching for free code lessons online and came across fcc, i’m sure i seen somewhere the curriculum used to be 1800 hours. Now it is 3000 hours. I’m guessing they just added new courses/certifications and the changes to each course/certificate aren’t that dramatic and aren’t going to cause me great confusion and mess up my progress?

the curriculum is moving toward a completely project-based way of teaching, so there will be great change in the preparatory part

the only mandatory part of a certificate is the five projects at the end, those will not change
you can start learning with fcc, and when the change will be, start again from the same topic with no issue

the change from 1800 to 3000 is because of one certificate being divided in two (with new content) and the new 4 python certificates

it’s slow moving, so it is unlikely there will be any change tomorrow

this was last update:

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The short answer: don’t worry about it too much.

The long answer:
freeCodeCamp’s curriculum has been under ongoing development for years, and has experienced significant changes a few times. There have always been people working their way through the curriculum when a change comes and we’ve come through alright. If you have earned any certificates, they will not go away. If you have done some projects for a certificate, but you haven’t claimed it yet, you may have to modify your projects a bit if their requirements have changed. Newly added challenges can be completed or ignored at your discretion because challenges aren’t required.

New curriculum changes don’t come suddenly and the next update is still in development. You’ll hear lots of noise about v7 before it goes live. You may even have the opportunity to beta test it.

Don’t stress about future changes. Just work on learning now. Happy coding.