Have a glitch in HTML codecamp task (to change a color)

Hi, I just started to use frecodecamp and doing a task"Change the Color of Text" in HTML

<h2 style="color: blue">CatPhotoApp</h2>

I did everything right and color has been changed to blue, but I couldn’t move on.
Is it any support team hear who can fix it?
And yes, I verifyed my email.

I’ve edited your post for readability. When you enter a code block into the forum, remember to precede it with a line of three backticks and follow it with a line of three backticks to make easier to read. See this post to find the backtick on your keyboard. The “preformatted text” tool in the editor (</>) will also add backticks around text.


What is the name of the challenge and also, could you post all of your code?

Thank you randelldawson for quick reply!
Name of the challenge is HTML5 and CSS, Change the Color of Text

<p> <h2 style="color: blue">CatPhotoApp</h2> <p>

Not sure why you moved the h2 element to be nested inside the p element, but that it is not the problem. The problem is the instructions say “Change your h2 element’s style so that its text color is red” and your current code makes the h2 element’s text color blue.

Thanks for hint. I puted “red” color instead of blue and it works!

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