Having a problem running tests on my landing page project

Hi everyone,

I’ve got this and one more project to complete before I get the responsive website certification. The problem is that I can’t get the landing page project to pass. I’ve managed to get everything but two items to pass.

It tells me I haven’t used flex on my page nor does it see the @media query I have as well. I’m looking at my style.css page and they are both clearly there. I’ve also tested to see if my @media query is working and it works just fine.

Is there some sort of bug in the tester that for some reason isn’t detecting them or am I just missing something really obvious?

Do you have a codepen for this project? Seeing that would make it easier to help.

I’m actually using VS code and just put the testing link into my index.html page. I could just as easily copy and paste the index.html and style.css into Codepen if you think that would help?