Having issues with bootstrap modal

Hi all

I’m having issues with putting the bootstrap modal on my site. I’m following this: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_modal.asp, however when I click the button it does not work.

You can find the repo here and the site here.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @DipperDolphin,
I tried looking into your site, but the url is incorrect.
Without seeing a live version, it’s kind of hard to know what went wrong.
Update the url and we’ll continue from there.

Hi there

Sorry about that, posted it quite a while ago! Here is the updated URL:


I also removed the modal as it didn’t work, so this post should probably be closed.

Did you include jquery and the bootstrap jquery code?

Yes, I did when I had it on the site. Its been a while and I wanted the site running so I removed them.