Portfolio - need help w/modal

See the Pen Portfolio by Seth Ayers (@sethayers) on CodePen.

I know I’m doing something wrong with the modal but I can’t for the life of me figure it out

Try this: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/tryit.asp?filename=trybs_modal&stacked=h
Take whole div with container class. And that is just for modal. Also click on arrow in html window that points down and “Analyze HTML”, same is for css and js. You’ll see errors. You’ll also want to include valid jquery, jquery ui, bootstrap css and bootstrap js. You can do that by clicking in their respective windows on small sprocket on left-top side. For css: bootstrap3. For JS: jquery, jquery ui and bootstrap3 in that order. Remove and all within it. Stuff withing head copy to field “stuff for head”. Remove html, head, body tags, codepen inserts them automatically.

I just copied and pasted my code from Atom, I know there will be some errors thrown with CodePen; I assumed that it would be easier to help if I made it so you could see the code. Thank for the help I saw what I was doing wrong, thank you!

Also does anyone know of color I could use for the body back ground that wouldn’t ruin everything, I think the simple white looks good but wasn’t sure if more color was needed.

That depends on person. I knew a guy whose choice of colors would send schizos into frenzy …