Having issues with the code editor


I’ve used freeCodeCamp infrequently over the span of the last couple months; as I’ve caught my second wind today I am currently beginning my learning of javascript. Long story short, for whatever reason the bottom of my screen begins to fill with white. This continues until the entire screen except for the top label is white. Any help is appreciated. Look below for links or pictures of this issue.
Picture 1: When I first refresh the page or start a new assignment

P.S. I have to add the photos in different posts
P.P.S. When I refresh or continue onto a new topic it resets and begins to fill my page again. I’ve never had this happen to me before on FCC and am currently using the same device I used to complete the previous lessons. I’ll attempt to use a different browser and let you guys know how that works out for me

Picture 2: When it begins…

Picture 3: Midway

Picture 4: When it completes…

FCC seems to like people to use chrome to do their challenges. Maybe a browser switch may help?

Yep that seems to be the issue. Chrome isn’t doing anything like this.


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