Having problem with Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator

So this is what I have

Use the strict equality operator in the if statement so the function will return “Equal” when val is strictly equal to 7
and this is what I understood from it:

so then the line should be onto the if one
then it must be equal to 7
Then we have the example code which is
3 === 3 // true
so then here it should be 7 === 7 so it is equal
then we have the last one which i also changed from 10 to 7
yet when i submite the following it doesn’t pass

// Setup
function testStrict(val) {
  if (7 === 7) { // true
    return "Equal";
  return "Not Equal";

// Change this value to test

link to the lesson

Your function will always return "Equal" regardless of the value of val. You need to test val in the if condition.

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Could you explain it to me a bit simpler? I find it hard to understand :3
This is what i got so far from it
You said that the *1function which is in this case could refere to the function testStrict(val)? our the ===? Would Equal regardless of the value of the val. I assume the value means the number? since it gives a true with the number but not the string in th lesson.
Then you said i needed to test the val in the if condition? what excatly does that mean? which of the val do are you refering to?

1A function is a block of code that will do a assigned task given to it.

Your function is hardcoded to check if 7 === 7. Of course this is true, so no matter what value you pass to the function, it will always return "Equal".

Which it shouldn’t. It should only return "Equal" if val's value is 7.

Thank you a bunch for the explanation :3 For futher revereces

  if (val === 7) { // Change this line

will do the trick since 7 is now set to val which result in true