Mistakes on Basic Javascript questions 59 and 60

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Question asks to return “Equal”(true ) when “val === 7” but in function parameter it gives “10”. If I am not wrong, it should return false.

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// Setup
function testStrict(val) {
if (val === 7) { // Change this line
  return "Equal";
return "Not Equal";

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Challenge: Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator

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I put [spoiler][/spoiler] tags around your code since it is a working solution to the challenge.

Question asks to return “Equal”(true ) when “val === 7” but in function parameter it gives “10”.

Right, for 10, it should return “Not Equal” which it does.

When I test your code, I get the answers I would expect.

// Not Equal
// Not Equal
// Equal
// Not Equal

It returns “Equal” if the parameter is strictly equal to 7 and returns “Not Equal” for everything else.

The phrase “strictly equal to 7”, in JS, means it is equal to 7 and is of data type Number.

If you are still in disagreement, can you give an example that you think should fail or should pass, but doesn’t?

If I pass the number 10 to it, I expect it to return “Not Equal”, because although it is of type Number, it is not equal to 7.

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