Having some difficulty with the backend challenges

Maybe I had it too easy. I sailed through the frontend. The data visualization took some work, but made sense. I had a bit of trouble with the first half of the backend (microservices) but eventually got there with some struggle.

Now, I’m at the last five of the backend challenges, the fullstack ones. It’s like a took a class in elementary Spanish and then they handed me a copy of Don Quixote and said, “OK, translate this and and every other line needs to be in a language that we haven’t taught you yet.”

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the file/folder structure, but I think I’m starting to get that. Now I’m trying to tackle passport. My plan is to do a different passport authentication for each build. But I wanted to do local authentication for the first, since that would be easiest to test.

The problem is that every time I look at a tutorial, it has 7 other libraries in it. (I don’t know why people don’t understand - a beginning tutorial should be as simple as possible. Don’t have a beginner tutorial and then slip in, “By the way, we’ll just assume you’ve mastered Angular. And seven other obscure libraries that I just love.”) I just went through one last night that was horrible - it kept telling me to “add these lines” but wouldn’t tell me what file. Oy vay!

I’m starting to get it, but are there any suggestions on good tutorials? I have a handle on express and mongo. I think I get mongoose. But passport and sessions need some work. And it wouldn’t hurt to have my understanding of the file structure refreshed.

I’m getting there, but if anyone has any suggestions, it would be nice.


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I’m in the same boat right now, …searching, reading, looking at examples that don’t show you what you want to see. I’m in the middle of my voting app and feel like I’m just getting the hang of things. PM me on gitter @moT01 if you want to chat, maybe we can figure some things out together, or come check out the help room https://gitter.im/FreeCodeCamp/HelpBackEnd. This article was pretty good https://zellwk.com/blog/crud-express-mongodb/ -probly doesn’t show you want you want to see but maybe you can pick up a little from it.

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I found MEAN web development book to be the most helpful resource for developing dynamic web application projects. The only drawback is that frontend in the book is built with angular 1 which is outdated but it’s still great.

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Cool, thanks for the info. I’ll check out that article. Maybe I’ll drop you a line.

I’ve kind of avoided gitter. The few times I’ve gone there it wasn’t helpful and I find it chaotic and difficult to follow (maybe I’m just too old.) And most the problems I have aren’t little one - I’m pretty good at figuring those out. It’s the big, conceptual things that I usually need help with and the stream of consciousness, chaotic gitter realm of one liners doesn’t seem like the best fit.

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Yeah, I’ve just been kind of avoiding Angular for now. It seems like a whole different rabbit hole to go down. I’d like to avoid taking a month off just to get a foothold in Angular.

You don’t have to read parts about angular. Chapters about server side development are helpful by itself.

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I just worked through a Brad Traversy video on building a basic passport-local app that I found useful. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his videos - I don’t know if I could have gotten through the React projects without him . He does a good job explaining as he goes. My only complaint is that sometimes he goes a little quickly and doesn’t stop to test often enough. But still, you can’t have everything.

If (when) I get my coding job, FCC and Brad are going to be getting a donation.

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