Having trouble getting React to work

I’m using webpack and babel. But when I run the app I keep getting the error:

“Uncaught TypeError: _react2.default.createClass is not a function
at Object. (myCode.js:974)
at webpack_require (myCode.js:20)
at module.exports (myCode.js:63)
at myCode.js:66”

This is the code that gets compiled by babel:

This is my webpack.config.js:

And these are my dependencies:

This is the section of code in the fully compiled file that is throwing the error:

And yeah, I have no idea. Literally no clue. I’ve been searching and searching and no one seems to be getting this exact error from what I can tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated or if you could maybe point me to an example that works I would be ecstatic.

Quick question: why are u using React syntax that was last used 2 years ago?

Also this http://dl3.joxi.net/drive/2017/10/14/0024/0324/1589572/72/64c5adc298.png

And here’s a pen with example https://codepen.io/Zerk/pen/RLYeyJ