Having trouble with "Create a Form Element"

Hi All. I need some guidance on creating a form element and nesting the input element inside a form element. Below is the code that I’ve come up with, but it’s not working.

<form action="https://www.freecatphotoapp.com/submit-cat-photo">

  <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL">


Any help would be great!


I’ve edited your post for readability. When you enter a code block into a forum post, please precede it with a separate line of three backticks and follow it with a separate line of three backticks to make it easier to read.

You can also use the “preformatted text” tool in the editor (</>) to add backticks around text.

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Hi @rik1 !

Welcome to the forum!

In order for us to assist you we will need the challenge link and your full code.

In the future, it would be best to use the ask for help button which will generate your full code and challenge link.

I pasted your code into the test, it passes for me. Do you have some browser extensions, such as ad-blockers and dark mode, because they seem to interfere with tests.

Thank you! I was wondering why my code did not come up.

Thanks. I removed all extensions but was still unable to get this code to pass. Then I closed my browser and reopened and it worked! Thanks for your help.

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