Having trouble with Return a Value from a Function with Return

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could someone explain me why it does not work , in fact i want to integrate all the syntax in just want bracket but i have not idea how to do that, if i do just one it works .

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// Example
function minusSeven(num) {
  return num - 7;

// Only change code below this line
function timesFive(a){
 a = 5;
return a * 5;
function timesFive(a)
{ a = 5;
  return  a * 2;
function timesFive(a)
{ a = 5;
  return  a * 0;


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So, a is the parameter of the function, it is a variable with a value, if you reassign it it will never have the value passed in the function
Also, you need to know that if you declare multiple times the same function only the last one will be the one executed, so your function will always return 0, as any value multiplied by 0 is 0
Your function takes a value, a, and you need to return that value multiplied by 5

i don’t understand at all, sorry i find those commands lack sense , with just syntax works pretty fair but with the other two unfair. i would like to add everything in just want bracket, but there’s not option .
could explain the difference now, i got it with this version // Only change code below this line

function timesFive(num){

return num * 5;

return num * 2;

return num * 0;


you need to multiply the value passed inside the function by 5, and stop. it works because once a return statement is executed everything after it is not, but you don’t need to multiply the value passed in by 2 (num * 2) or 0 (num * 0), it is not something asked by the challenge

remember, once a return statement is executed, the function returns a value and stop.