#header id=header-img help


I am having problems getting the test to pass for the #header id=header-img test. I don’t see this in the example provided and I cut and pasted the code into notepad++ to see what I was missing, but couldn’t see it. Here is my code so far.

header id=“header-img” scr=“Redirect Notice

this is not an image tag and URL is not valid image

Can you tell me what they are looking for? This has me confused. I even googled it for w3schools and FCC for an example of the test.
Have you completed the project? Can you show me what you did?

You need to write an img tag and use src.

<img src="url goes here">

remove header tag below Introduction and retry

Also, I am little bit confused which FCC test you are referring to.

There is no test that asks for a header img.

I tried what you suggested, but I am still failing the test.
If you run my tests, I am failing #Content the second part


  • 1. My product landing page should have a element with corresponding id=“header”.

  • 2. I can see an image within the #header element with a corresponding id=“header-img”. A company logo would make a good image here.

The link you shared was to your technical document page so I was looking at the FCC tests for that.

Can you share the codepen for your landing page?

Is this the correct project you are working on?

All of the tests are passing here.

I am working on the Technical Project.

But these test that you are mentioning

Don’t apply to the technical document page.

When you open up the test suite you should see 8/16.
I don’t see the same error message that you mentioned earlier.

Maybe you are running tests for the wrong project.

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Which header tag? There is one for the nav link and one for the main section?

LOL! I am . I am so sorry! Oh my goodness is my face red! I feel like an idiot. Thank you! I’m going to laugh about this for awhile.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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No worries you are good :grinning: