Heat map test #9 and #11 issue?


I am having issues getting test 9 and 11 to pass on the heat map project.
It appears to be lined up and the axis has months for dates. However, the tests say its failing. Can anyone give me some insight on this?
Link: https://codepen.io/kuroiel/pen/GRJxdLX

Side note: still trying to figure out how to put the legend in so those tests will be failing for now


Try using scaleTime for your x-axis and scaleBand for the y-axis.

If you haven’t seen scaleTime or scaleBand before you should be able to learn how to use it from D3js docs at this point.

You should take a look at d3.timeParse and d3.timeFormat too, it will help you with converting strings to javascript Date objects and you gonna need it to find min and max dates with d3.min and d3.max .

Thanks I’ll try that.