Hello friend's please help me?

I create a local repository of freecodcamp based on documentation. but when I try to open.i didn’t get the HTML file what shall I do?
when I try to open the challenges. I didn’t get any HTML file

  • is it possible to learn all challenges, and all freecodecamp projects offline

What are you trying to open up? If you set everything up correctly (based on the Set up freeCodeCamp locally documentation), you can work through the challenges locally like you would through the online version.

If you are running into problems with setting things up locally, it is best to reach out the Contributor’s Room on Gitter.

i want to open freecodecamp in browser to start codding offline like i did in online. but I didn’t get the HTML file in the cloned(downloaded) file
my brother. please tell me how to start after setting everything locally…how I open in the browser. to start coding offline. (codding of ,HTML, CSS,JS, …etc like online one)
after setting locally ,When i search freecodecamp in google chrome without internet connection it doesn’t work (it doesn’t display in browser)
thank you, friend.