Hello, I have the problem below to continue my lessons

How do I multiply the offset by the direction in the new_index assignment for the code below???

text = 'Hello Zaira'
custom_key = 'python'
def vigenere(message, key, direction):
    key_index = 0
    alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
    encrypted_text = ''
    new_index = offset * direction
    for char in message.lower():   
        # Append space to the message
        if char == ' ':
            encrypted_text += char
            # Find the right key character to encode
            key_char = key[key_index % len(key)]
            key_index += 1
            # Define the offset and the encrypted letter
            offset = alphabet.index(key_char)
            index = alphabet.find(char)
            new_index = offset * key_index         
            encrypted_text += alphabet[new_index]  
    return encrypted_text 
#encryption = vigenere(text, custom_key)

Please send the link for the course/module you are trying to do, and what step this is

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