Hello, peace be with you

How can I get certified after completion of the course?

Have you completed all the challenges and projects associated with the course?
If yes, Go to the end of the course page and click on
Go to settings to claim your certification

I tried. It says check certification

can you show us a screen shot?

Did you try clicking the button “Show Certification”?

What do you see there?

when I click on the show certification button, it shows me the second picture in screenshot

can you make your profile public as the message says to do?

How can I do that please?

from the curriculum Menu->Settings
Then scroll to the area that shows the Privacy Settings and make your profile public from there.

Thank you for your assistance dear, peace be with you!

but it is still the same

Another question, can I download my certificate in pdf/jpg format?

Have you figured out how to see the certificate?

I don’t think so, but you can take a screenshot or print to PDF.

Yes yes. Thank you so much

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