Hello world,nice place!

Hello programmers i am new here.Very nice place!


Welcome camper @vaske05 hope you find this place as educational as I… This community is full of great knowledge and friendly people if you ever have a question…

There is a introduction section if you want to head on over and introduce yourself there :slight_smile:

Thank you! It’s even nicer with you as an addition to our community :slight_smile:

[quote=“justdavis83, post:2, topic:44333”]There is a introduction section if you want to head on over and introduce yourself there :slight_smile:

Welcome! Please introduce yourself here 

:confetti_ball: Welcome to Free Code Camp’s forum. :confetti_ball:

Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread with:

who you are
why you’re learning to code
how you’ve been learning to code so far

You can no longer post on that topic btw, perhaps @QuincyLarson or some other leader will open the thread permanently?

Looks like @PortableStick had a crack at it already, but the forum has a max replies limit that forces a shutdown:

I’m sure Quincy can disable it for the thread either as forum admin or in the source.

Been learning basic programming since March of 2015. I started for fun after putting my kids to bed; I needed serious mental stimulation that would counterbalance the nursery rhymes I’d been listening to all day. I already had a crush on tech and was marveled at how seemingly normal people were solving problems and impacting the world and life as we knew it. And so I thought “Hey, why not?”. From then on, putting my kids to bed took on a whole new meaning…lol The other day I turned down a project at work because I didn’t know SQL and of course I started learning that one too; and now that makes 3 (HTML, CSS, SQL) and suddenly it hit me, why can’t I get certified?? Why haven’t I gotten on GitHub?!? And now my biggest problem is not having enough hours in the day…

Hello people i know nothing about code and am hoping to find a welcoming community