Help! Basic HTML and HTML5: Create a Form Element


I can’t pass the Create a Form Element challenge. It says ‘Nest your text input element within a form element.’ I’m just wondering what constitutes the ‘text input’, I’ve tried nesting the whole thing ‘’ but this doesn’t work. Screenshot attached. Please help!

Thank you


You didn’t close the opening of form tag, here <form.... </form>

But I closed it at the end of the element? I suppose that’s what I’m asking, where do I close/open the <form element? The instruction just says ‘Nest your text field inside a form element’ but what part of the text field is it? Thanks for your help, total beginner.

<form>.....</form> it should be like this, <input> should go between them

When it says open a form element or any tag in html, it contains a structure like this <tag></tag>, except for some tags like <hr>, <br>, <input>… which are called self closing tags (they don’t need a closing structure </> like this) which we may use frequently if needed.

but if you look I have opened and closed the tag and the input tag is in between?

You have done this,

<form action="some-url" <input type="..." placeholder="...."></form>

But the actual structure is <form><input type=""></form>, did you get it.?

There should be two angled brackets < >

got it! thank you Sujith much appreciated

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Way to go… Happy coding. :wink: