Help building my React/Electron app

Hey there,

I’ve been looking all over for guides and tutorials and have found nothing. I am creating a desktop application that integrates React and Electron and I’m at the point where I want to build it. However, I’m having trouble because the individual Electron and React tutorials don’t apply.

For example, an Electron tutorial tells me to download ‘electron-packager’ then create a “build” command. But I already have a “build” command as part of the React front-end.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources or tutorials that could help me with this.


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Already having a build process for the front end shouldnt be an issue. Electron is ultimately going to use those built files, correct? And the Electron app itself needs to be built including them. You can use processes that result in fewer commands, but it’s reasonable to expect there will be multiple build steps under the hood.

You can try something like Electron Forge. Read the docs, apply as needed to your project.

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