Help building my tribute page

Can anyone help me with my Tribute Page?
I’m having trouble with user stories number 8 and 9.
Here is a link to my project passing all tests:

The problem with it is that I don’t want the image to be so big. If I reduce it’s size those 2 stories fail to pass and I’m unable to put it the way it should be. If I center it to make it pass the check (by using padding or margin) it is not centered at all and it fails the resize check too.
I don’t want to leave it as is because I don’t feel it’s right, even if it’s passing all the checks.
Thank you.


you could limit image width with

  width: 100%;
  max-width: 600px // width value of your choice

and center flex container horizontally( remember that flex direction is column)


Thank you very much!

Got it to work as I wanted with your help.

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