Help Fellow Campers - Make Your Topic Title Meaningful

Hello Folks,

I have seen several topic titles that do not show what the problem is: ‘My code won’t work’; ‘Look at this’; or ‘I’m stuck’ don’t really help campers to know what the problem/topic is, and may not look at your posting. Even though people are curious, they are not mind readers. They may click on the title and then see that the code you need help on is something they don’t know about.

Your post may get more responses if you show what your problem/topic actually is.

‘My code won’t work’ → ‘Line 10 is showing a syntax error’
‘Look at this’ → ‘I’ve just finished my portfolio, please take a look’
‘I’m stuck’ → ‘I don’t understand what closure means’

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Maybe a better bot for the “interactive new user tutorial” that comes with the “greetings!” message could help. Adding a couple of useful steps about 1. how to share the code in the topic through preformatted text or codepen or … 2. How to write a meaningful title. 3. Advice to search for similar topics first and only if nothing is solving your problem post a new topic.

@leebut Actually, what would be better, is a topic which is one more specific to the challenge or problem. The search feature will produce better results when the title explains what the problem is. “Line 10 is showing a syntax error” is great for the body of the post but the topic should try to include the challenge name and or method name and/or error message. This creates better searching indexing.

These are good ideas. Will see about incorporating these ideas.

Fair points.
Maybe a sticky on each forum category listing would help.
Some of the challenge titles are so long, the additional problem could be truncated.

That’s a good point, sure a good idea can be useful only after a good implementation. Experience can help to take if not the best decision for formulating the advice at list the better one.

When the Ask for help button is clicked in the challenge page a card pops up and advice to first give a try to the Read-Search-Ask method:

Do people case to use it?
In the case the user decide to proceed and create a new topic a template advice how to write it:

**Tell us what's happening:**

**Your code so far**



modifying it could help? I sketched a proposal for an improved template:

**Tell us what's happening: (mandatory! It's hard to provided help without information)**

**Your code so far (in preformatted text, follow the instruction at link)**



Yeah, I know about that, but look at all of the topics that are not populated with the challenge title. Here’s an example:

I know, but you can be done? Anything different from giving the right information at the right moment is going to be restrictive auto enforced rules, which is nasty. I’m not saying that this is what you want, but as @RandellDawson suggested we have the opportunity to develop some ideas. What do you suggest?