Help issue: searching for topic from coding pages

issue: searching for help from the coded editing page passes the information as a hyphenated string rather than how most of the posts are titled in forums. it doesn’t seem to search forums with / for hyphens.

one must unhyphenate the string to find forum postings on it - prior to understanding this, I was attempting to create a form posting when the “recommender” would show topics that were similar, always showing the exact thing I was originally looking for.

steps to reproduce:

will be using this in example below: Search results for 'learn-basic-javascript-by-building-a-role-playing-game - Step 127' - The freeCodeCamp Forum.

  1. enter incorrect code to solve challenge (a few times until the Help button appears)
  2. click Help
  3. when “Ask for Help” prompt appears, click on the underlined link “check if your question has already been answered on the forum
  4. this brings you to a page that’s automatically searching your issue as learn-basic-javascript-by-building-a-role-playing-game - Step 127.

the issue being automatically searched does not bring up any instances of forum topics as they are not titled in this way but in this way: learn basic javascript by building a role playing game - Step 127

  1. search for the topic after the page tells you there is no previously asked, similar questions so that the link to “create a new topic” appears.

  2. (last step in order to realize) copy previously searched, hyphenated string into topic creation title form - there are forum topics but only once one attempts to “create” a topic that it’s able to search properly.

there seems to be some sort of disconnect between the two searches happening. I believe that this could be easily solved if the link being passed from the coding page to the help page was formatted without hyphens like below:


I do not see this as a real issue but more a quality-of-life improvement. please let me know what other information I can provide. thank you.

would you be willing to open an issue for this?

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can do. this is my first official issue on github ever! :upside_down_face: