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hello , i’m on the first project , “tribute page” , how can i test the page after finiching coding in , i didn’t find the way to know if i’m on the right way or not ;
thx for your help .

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Have you included the script for the test suite in your codepen project?

no , i’m only using css and html

Ok, now you go to your codepen project, There are three tabs, one for HTML, one for CSS and the third one for JS, right? Click the settigs icon at the top of the JS tab. There you can find two input fields for adding any external resources. In one of the field enter this link:
and close the settings. Now at the top of your page you can see a menu button. Click the button and the test suite will appear. select your project name from the dropdown menue and click the test button. You are done. Do the same for all of your projects. Thank you.

thx my friend , the prjoect is running ok :slight_smile:

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The img element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size

Go through this lesson again:

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