Help! Gitbash problems shell, delete branch

Hello everyone,
I am new with gitbash
I have just created this branch( I don’t know how ???)(branch??)
but I would like to delete it.
how can I do it?
Thanks in advance

sorry, it is the right screen.
I want to delete “branch-isabel”.


git branch -d branch-name


git branch -D branch-name

Edit: You will want to switch away from the branch you are trying to delete first as well, git checkout master (or whatever the master branch is called, e.g. main).

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Hi, Thanks for your comment.
But I have tried what you said and doesn’t work it :frowning:

Close all terminals and editors you have open first.

Then check the list of running processes Shift + Ctrl + Esc and force end (right-click > End process) any bash.exe processes that might be hanging.

Then open the terminal inside the folder again and redo the git commands. Check out to master, then delete the branch.

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thanks for your help, but doesn´t work it :frowning:

Is it still complaining about the index.lock file? If so try removing the file manually from the .git folder.’s-index.lock-file

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