HELP- Grid layout Problem/Question

Hey guys,

This is my first time on here and I’ve ran into a problem while making my personal portfolio.
I’m trying to make my basic navbar up top to have it bordered in uniform with the rest of the content. If you look closely, it does not reach completely on either ends | |

It might sound simple, but any solutions will greatly help! Just started last week so I don’t really know much.

Here’s my unfinished portfolio FYI

Hey There,

1st little problem you have is the navbar is within a container div. remove that and some of the problem will be solved.

Removing the container div and replace it with container-fluid div?

I also have my content area in container div as well.

nope just remove it first and see the change. the container class in bootstrap places the contents in a display area where the margins at the edges are moved in. basically it creates a width of 80% and centers the area contained within in it.

The navbar you’re looking for needs to be a width of 100%. so you would start off by placing the navbar within the boostrap navbar() and the container within that.

If this helps?