Porfolio Project - Boostrap Navbar Problem

Hello everyone, I am building my portfolio project and I am having some problem with my boostrap navbar. When I resize the page to verify if the navbar block is fluid and changes the size exactly like the blocks below it has a weird behaviour and I struggling to find the solution. The navbar it is not smooth when the resize is made.

I played with the navbar div margins but withouth sucess. What am I missing here.Thank you all, Tiago


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This is causing the .container to be bigger

@media (min-width: 576px)
.container {
/* width: 540px; */
max-width: 100%;

i am not sure if that is a bootstrap class or not but you can just disable the width and it would work fine

You can see it with the Dev tools in chrome while tweaking the width of the page in codepen

I found what you are saying @AndreiCalazans. I just have to find a way to override the boostrap media queries because codepen is ignoring my overrides. I let you know what I have done.

Got this problem solved editing the class .container inside the following media query:

@media only screen and (max-width : 480px){}