Help! I cannot pass the test. Max-width

I keep failing the section on responsive resizing. What am I doing wrong?
My code is below:

/* This sets image properties */
  Position: center;
  flex: 100%;
  max-width: 100%;
  display: block;
	height: auto;
	margin-left: auto;
	margin-right: auto;
	padding: 15px;


What does the failing test say?
The way that you have this rule written, it is applied to an element with the id “img”. Is that what you intended?

Is it the Tribute Page project?

Other then the id which is wrong if it is the project (should be id=“image”), I would suggest removing the padding and see if that helps.

Can we get a link to the challenge to help you better?
Remove Position: center that doesn’t exist in css. I’m sure you are trying to center the image horizontally, use margin: 0 auto it’s cleaner

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had the class wrong. The moment I changed it I passed the test.

Thanks! The id was wrong.

Thanks! For your help, the image looks better.