Help im confused

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// Example
var ourArray = [["the universe", 42], ["everything", 101010]];

// Only change code below this line.
var myArray = ["live", 21], ["love", 11021]];
var myArray = [["cool", 23], [asap,45]]

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First, you only need to DECLARE a variable (use the var, let or const keyword) once for any variable. It’s sort of “introducing your variable to the room”.

Second, you only need to fill it, in this case, once - either line would pass, after we get to the third and fourth points.

Third, in the line var myArray = ["live", 21], ["love", 11021]];, you are missing an opening bracket ( [ ) - remember, for each opening bracket, you need a closing bracket. and vice versa.

Fourth, in the line var myArray = [["cool", 23], [asap,45]], asap will give you an error, as it isn’t in quotes - javascript thinks it’s a variable name, and it doesn’t exist! Wrap asap in quotes, and either of these two lines would pass.

Choose one or the other of those two lines, don’t keep both.

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