Help in scraping a webpage

Hello all,

I have been experimenting with JavaScript & also Cheerio and decided to scrape an e-commerce website to get the price of a particular item. The code can be found here. Unfortunately, all I get is a blank space. What am I doing wrong, I;m not able to identify. Please, could you guide me?

The URL of the website I’m trying to scrape can be found here.

Just curious, there’s js code, and .py file, is it supposed to work like this?

upd tried to run your code , access to that address is forbidden (403), nothing is returned, when I tested it with random page .html, it’s working

Oh my apologies. It was supposed to be a JS file. I got the solution from Stack Overflow where I was linked to a Medium page.

Got to know the link is a SPA and I updated my code to now use Puppeteer. It returns the value now. I have updated my code and you can find it here.

Thank you very much for your kind response!

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Ok , I only tested Puppeteer before , seems like it’s Cheerio issue, good to know :wink: