An open source tool for web scraping and web crawling

Hello everyone, we’ve been working on a universal library for web crawling and scraping for the past year and would love to show it to you. It’s open source and supports different kind of web scraping scenarios, such as using cheerio, Selenium or headless Chrome with Puppeteer.

Web scraping is an interesting mix of frontend and backend JavaScript programming so I guess a lot of people here might find the tool useful for sharpening their development skills while building useful tools for themselves, such as discount trackers, news feeds, job posting trackers and pretty much anything else.

We’d appreciate your feedback and if you like the package, help us get to the GitHub trending packages by giving us a Star! We also have some “good first issues” open, for any one of you who would like to start building out your GitHub contribution profile. I’ll gladly help with any troubles you might have while first trying it out and guide you through making your first pull request.


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