Help in Tribute Challenge

I need some help guys.
When I made my unordered list , actually it is very sticky to the background border. I want to start my list with some space from the wall.

When I applied

  • the text are shifted away from the wall but the bullets didn’t.
    Again when I used
  • xyz
  • . The above results were same.

    So kindly help me to how I can create some initial space in each of my lines of unordered list away from the wall.

    It sounds like you need some padding in your ul tags. But it would be helpful if you show us the code that’s not working. Without seeing the code, I don’t think anyone will be able to find the right solution.
    This is my tribute page.
    Can you please suggest some changes.
    And I tried padding (look what has happened to my list). The same happened when I applied well class to my list under div tag.
    I have submitted the project for the time being. But I want to resubmit it making it better.

    Hi friends, could you go check out my tribute page as well ? Any suggestions are welcome

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    U can push right (content and also dots) if u push root ( ul tag )

    Or u can (if u want to perserve dots), because u have text-center whole thing to add custom dot on every single line and use this to remove default dots:

    list-style-type: none

    Try using margins to center the list.
    <–html …created div with class called list for headline and list elements(ul and li)–>


    timeline headline.......

    • some list items
    • some list items

    <-- css …this is just a div with a class called list that contains ul and li elements. remember to put a . before list (.list). -->

        text-align: left;
        margin: 4% 20% 5% 20%;

    <-- this way text will be centered and bullets won’t be spaced so far apart. you can set margins whatever percentage you want depending on the look you are after. but make sure the left and right margins are equal (3% 10% 5% 10%; for example) -->