Help in weather application

Here is my Link link.
I want to display the weather of the typed location.
Yes i need to work on Look of the application. But currently my focus is on functionality.
Help me to display the weather of typed location. My code not working.

  1. You are missing $ on line 3
  2. You are missing http:// in front of url (line 5)
  3. If you are using openweathermap you should set your codepen address to http:// not https://

P.S. Don’t use openweathermap. Use some another weather API (e.g. wunderground)

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Thank you so much. It worked with your help but i used openweather. You can check it again. and ell me if it is correct in your area. Still need to work on the look of app. Thanx buddy.

When input location it shows it, but don’t forget, that your app should be able to detect the location automatically.

ya i will add it too. I created another app which detects automatically. you may check it here link
I will merge the two.


On line 24 you should also use https instead of http.

Ok and what with rest of the code and functionality of app.

Can you check it again. There might bea minor mistake done by me. Currently it is not workingLink

You are missing n in Position on line 5:


Also codepen should have https://

Yup. I failed to notice the minor mistakes.